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The Animorphs' alien buddy Ax is in hassle. he is come down with a plague referred to as "yamphut", and it truly is making him very unwell. The Animorphs become aware of the virus may be deadly--but they cannot take an "alien" to the medical institution. they should get a hold of a plan--or lose their buddy ceaselessly.

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He was once thoroughly again in his human morph. yet a gooey green-yellow pus was once gluing his eyelashes jointly. And his lips have been chapped, like if you have a excessive fever. "How are you doing, Ax? " I requested. "I am dee-dee-dee-lirious! " he cried. bankruptcy five once we obtained outdoors the varsity, I controlled to speak Ax in the course of the demorph into his Andalite physique. as soon as he was once again in his personal shape, he stayed there. monstrous reduction. Tobias demorphed, too. He flew overhead and informed us which streets to take advantage of to prevent the main humans. And the place to conceal Ax after we have been with reference to getting stuck. We made it again to the barn, however it was once now not a enjoyable journey. "Put him within the final stall," I recommended. "Marco, fill the trough with water. Rachel, get him a blanket from the pile by way of the door. Jake, visit my apartment and get the thermometer from the lavatory; i will not use the veterinary apparatus. i would like the single you should use on your ear. don't be concerned approximately my mom and dad. Out. " i peeked up and observed all 3 of them gazing me. it truly is precise that i am no longer frequently the only barking the orders. yet i am the one that is familiar with approximately caring for unwell animals. no longer that Ax is an animal, precisely. "I consider like i am on ER," Marco acknowledged as he headed towards the hose. "I've certainly bought a Noah Wyle type of factor occurring. " Tobias requested from his perch within the rafters. "Just retain a lookout," I replied. Tobias acknowledged. Rachel moved quickly over and passed a blanket to me. I unfold it over Ax's again and shoulders. i'll think tiny tremors racing via him. "So are you eventually going to inform us what Tidwell acknowledged or what? " Marco requested as he stuffed the trough. "I suggest, if a few Hork-Bajir are going to burst within the door any moment i'd are looking to bake a cake or anything. " "Ax is ill, Marco. we need to take care of that first," I replied. "If Tidwell talks, Ax goes to be worse than unwell. he will be useless. all of us are! " Rachel spat out. "Cassie, what did you are saying to him? What did he say to you? " I overlooked her. needed to. She spun away and began pacing backward and forward in entrance of the stall. "Can you inform me what is wrong with you, Ax? " I requested. "Have you ever felt like this earlier than? " he mumbled. "What's that? " I requested. i wished Ax to inform me what to do to remedy him. My mom and dad are either vets. We most likely have the simplest animal drugs library for miles. yet there has been not anything in any of these books concerning the care and feeding of an alien. "Come on, Ax," I stated, my voice a bit sharper. "What's Yamphut? " Ax's thought-speak pale. Tobias stated. "Let's try out giving him a bit water," I stated. "Help me stick one in all his hooves in, ok, Marco? " I requested. Marco crowned off the trough and grew to become off the hose. Then we lightly lifted Ax's correct entrance leg after which positioned his hoof into the water. Ax swayed, and that i braced my shoulder opposed to his part, letting him lean on me whereas he absorbed the water. i'll think him heaving opposed to me as he pulled in ragged breaths. "That's enough," I acknowledged whilst Ax's hoof have been submerged approximately part a minute.

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