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By Tom Clancy

Father Steve Murphy, a Roman Catholic priest, pastor of a parish in an prosperous suburb of Washington, DC, respected through his parishioners, believes he's approximately to be increased to Monsignor. yet, all of a sudden, he's transferred with out clarification to a short lived collage instructing submit. presently after, he's ordered to a prison-like correctional monastery deep within the Sonora desolate tract of Arizona. Murphy is familiar with that he has been a religious priest and is questioned and indignant that he has been thrown in with the derelicts of the Catholic clergy. on the monastery, he unearths that he has been forged one of the pedophiles, alcoholics, embezzlers and different severe offenders who the church hierarchy is pressuring to renounce or be defrocked. confident that God wishes him to proceed his ministry, he escapes. Murphy is now a fugitive, pursued via priests from the monastery who're little greater than thugs with others to "do no matter what it takes" to prevent him and go back him to the monastery, or perhaps kill him, if helpful. Why, Steve Murphy asks himself, is his church doing this to him?

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