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By Katherine A. Applegate

Every thing the Animorphs have ever recognized is ready to change... The Yeerks suspect that the socalled "Andalite Bandits" are human finally. And the Animorphs recognize it really is only a topic of time sooner than the Yeerks study their identities and infest them...and their households. anything significant should be performed speedy. simply because now, the Animorphs can let you know who they are--and that alterations every little thing.

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Until eventually my neighbors and that i met a death alien warrior, an Andalite prince named Elfangor. Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul. unusual how, even then, ahead of I knew who he was once, ahead of I knew approximately my very own previous, i used to be attracted to him. hooked up in a manner the opposite Animorphs hadn't been. that is what we're, my neighbors and that i. Animorphs. Animal morphers. we will collect the DNA of one other animal, then develop into that animal. Elfangor gave us that strength. He gave it to us as a weapon, the single weapon we've got in our conflict to avoid wasting Earth from evil, parasitic extraterrestrial beings. Yeerks. Slimy. grey. no longer a lot larger than the sector mouse i might been stalking, yet thoroughly missing the mouse's senses. Yeerks are deaf, blind. they've got no toes or fingers. when you observed a Yeerk in its normal nation, you'll imagine it was once an overgrown slug. and also you most likely would not be from now on terrified of it than of a slug. yet you need to be. A Yeerk slithers in via your ear canal and flattens itself out over the skin of your mind. It wriggles into the entire crevices and valleys. faucets into each mind circuit and nerve finishing. faucets into your very life. You turn into a Controller, and it truly is an ironic identify since you have completely no regulate. you cannot converse, flow, devour, even visit the lavatory until the Yeerk desires you to. You watch because the Yeerk spreads evil and hatred utilizing your fingers, your voice. you cannot scream. you cannot run away. The Yeerks enslaved whole sentient species on different planets. The Gedds. The Taxxons. The Hork-Bajir. Now they have come to Earth, to enslave people. And we, the Animorphs, are scuffling with them by myself. a number of issues aid point the enjoying box. Kandrona, for one. If a Yeerk does not feed on Kandrona rays each 3 days, it dies. We additionally get support from the Chee, an android race hardwired opposed to violence. they can not struggle, yet they have infiltrated the Yeerk association and feed us details once they can. And, in fact, morphing. An Andalite expertise. even though it sort of feels incredible, the Yeerks nonetheless imagine we are Andalites. Morphing is a strong weapon, however it has ideas. 1) you cannot switch without delay from one morph to a different with out first returning for your common physique. 2) you should gather DNA at once from an animal. you cannot gather it from one other morph. three) you cannot remain in morph for greater than hours at a time, simply because in the event you do, you remain completely. You develop into what the Andalites name a nothlit. Like me. I stayed in hawk morph too lengthy, and now i am not a human in hawk morph. i am a hawk. i used to be in a position to regain my morphing skill and during a bit fancy time-bending by way of a strong being known as the Ellimist, I won one other morph. My previous self. My human self. for 2 hours at a time i will be able to morph Tobias the child- Be human, no less than bodily. Then i have to go back to peddle or i will lose my morphing potential altogether. i will be out of the struggle. So, whereas I watched the snake digest my mouse, i noticed an eagle hovering towards me. A bald eagle, wearing lunch in its talons. now not a mouse or a rabbit. A paper bag. Even from this distance i may see the golden arches.

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